China supplier for XLPE cable(400V-220kV), cable accessories(1kV-35kV), insulated tubular busbar(1kV-35kV)

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Insulated Power Cable Products: XLPE/PVC insulated power cable with rated voltage 0.6/1 kV  and below; Medium voltage insulated power cable with rated voltage from 6~35kV; High voltage from 66kV ~ 110kV XLPE insulated power cable; extra-high voltage insulated power cable with rated voltage 220kV. LSNH cable; Anti-Termites and anti-rodents cable.

Cable accessories: Cable terminals and intermediate joints with rated voltage from 1kV to 220kV.

Insulated tubular copper busbar.

And cable related high polymer materials.

Insulated Tubular Busbar

Cable Workshop

HV XLPE Insulated Al Corrugated power cable

Conductor, Power Cable

With advanced equipments in workshop one, Taikai Cable have the products as AAAC and ACSR conductors, low voltage insulated cables, medium voltage cables and high voltage cables. The material of conductors have aluminum, copper and all aluminum alloy conductors. And the voltage of cables range from 1kv up to 220kV for your options.

Production line one corner

Control Cable and Computer Cable

As the development of Taikai cables, it’s subsidiary Shandong Taikai Special Cable Technology Co.,Ltd have been established. Here in our new workshop, you can find more than 3000 models of control cables. We are taking the market with broader views. This year we have cooperated with many famous companies such like China State Grid, Weiqiao Pioneering, also outside of China, such like Ethiopia and Uganda, etc.

Cable Test system

Test System

Taikai Cable have five huge laboratories, 700 kV experiment hall is one of them. In our laboratories we have the world most advanced test devices to test the cables, in order to control the quality of the cable we have produced. All the test record will be kept long enough for the cables to operate for our customers.

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World leading EPC project company, we have cooperate for a long time.


China famous hydro power establishing company, we are partners.


We are cable supplier of Ethiopia GENALE-DAWA (GD-3)EPC Project for ETHIOPIAN ELECTRIC POWER (EEP)


CHINA RAILWAY Have been the world most technical advanced railway building and operating company all over the world.


This company is the only biggest power supplier company in China. And we have been their key suppliers since 2007.

Cable manufacturer


Taikai Power Engineering

From exporting cargoes to EPC project, we are brother companies belows to Taikai Group and important partners.