Shandong Taikai Cable Co., Ltd. registered capital of 605 million yuan, construction area of 210,000 square meters, with industry-leading production and testing equipment more than 200 sets, through the occupational health and safety, integration of the two, energy management system. Perfect process technology and equipment, attach importance to technological innovation and research and development, the construction of Tai 'an City's first batch of industrial design center, intelligent cable and accessories industrial technology research institute, wire and cable and accessories key laboratory, Shandong Province enterprise technology center and other research and development institutions.


2007, Taikai cable company was established and equipped with a variety of wire and cable manufacturing equipment, and gradually expanded product categories and production capacity. 2009, we imported Maillefer vertical high voltage production line, and completed the construction of the tower and the commissioning of the production line, filling the gap in the company's high voltage cable products field . It marks that Taikai Cable Company has officially entered the enterprise that can produce high voltage cables, and the products cover high voltage, medium voltage, low voltage, special cables, aluminum alloy cables and so on.
2012, Taikai Cable Company officially be a qualified supplier of the national grid, and the quality of the cable has been highly approved by the National grid system. Participate in the National grid framework bidding every year, and got a large number of orders from the National grid system in the highly competitive cable market.
2013, "Taikai" trademark was honored as "China Famous Trademark", and the brand has more influence.
2015, Taikai cable launched the international market plan and achieved a good performance in Africa
2019, Company reformed and upgraded the equipment to achieve high-voltage cables and medium-voltage cables, with an annual increase of 700 million yuan.
2020, Taikai Group was selected as one of China's top 500 private manufacturing enterprises.
With the gradual increase of orders for production capacity, Taikai Cable Company have imported two high-voltage vertical production lines from Troester, Germany, in 2021 and 2022.