The difference between steel tape armored cable and steel wire armored cable

Generally speaking, there are four kinds of armoring materials, steel strip, steel wire, aluminum strip, aluminum tube. Due to the different cable laying environment and voltage level,to choose different armor materials. The following focuses on the comparison of steel tape armor and steel wire armor, the commonness and difference are analyzed as follows:

ⅠThe commonalities of steel wire and steel tape armor layer in cable structure:

1. Increase the mechanical strength of the cable.

Armored protective layer can be added to any structure of the cable to increase the mechanical strength of the cable, improve the anti-erosion ability, is a cable designed for areas vulnerable to mechanical damage and extremely vulnerable to erosion.

2. The purpose of adding armor layer to the cable is to increase the tensile strength, compressive strength and other mechanical protection to extend the service life; It has certain external force resistance, and can also guard against snakes, insects and rodent biting, so as not to cause power transmission problems through armor, the bending radius of armor should be large, and the armor layer can be grounded to protect the cable.

3. Low frequency interference resistance of steel material.

In general, the armored layer has high magnetic permeability, has a good magnetic shielding effect, and can be used to resist low-frequency interference.

ⅡThe difference between steel wire armored cable and steel tape armored cable:

1. manufacturing technique: The production process requirements of steel tape armoring, the use of metal tape armoring should be helically wrapped two layers, so that the middle part of the outer metal belt is above the gap of the inner metal belt, and the gap rate of each layer of metal belt should not be greater than 50%.

The production process of steel wire armoring requires that the metal wire armoring should be tight, even if the gap between adjacent metal wires is minimal. If necessary, a galvanized steel strip can be wound around flat metal wire armoring and round metal wire armoring.

2. Application scenario

Steel tape armoring cable: used for laying directly buried cables or ordinary pipes, ordinary ground, tunnels, etc. Most of the time, the steel belt cable is directly buried and laid without threading, which is more in practical use.

Steel wire armoring cable: can withstand the general longitudinal tension, so it is suitable for short distance overhead laying or vertical and vertical laying. Steel wire armored cables are mostly used in mining enterprises, in shaft chambers or steeply tilted laneway.

3.Price: Steel tape armored cable is cheaper than steel wire armored cable. Because the production of steel wire armoring is more difficult and the cost is higher, compared with steel tape armoring is more economical and practical.

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December 15, 2023

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